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Atul Harish Chandra

Most sought after


Services offered....

• Commercials  • Promos  • IVRs, Voicemails, Phone Systems and On-Hold Messages  • Training, Business  Presentations, Sales and Web  sites  • Audio books  • Documentaries  • Movie and Game Trailers  • Podcasts  • Spiritual Content

About me....

                       A versatile voice artist, born singer,  devout theater person and a  poet   Atul Harish Chandra  has  a  Hi - Baritone   voice  texture    with    an   ability   to    play   Warm,  Rich,   Smooth,   Pleasant,   Soft,   Compassionate, Conversational, Fun,  Upbeat,  Light  &  Comic Characters.        
​          Has  all  Vocal styles :  bright and upbeat, professional and authoritative, warm and caring, quirky and funny.